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The way we present ourselves to others sets the stage for success or failure.

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1st Serv Business Etiquette.

I am Sheila Guilloux,

The owner and founder of 1st Serv Business Etiquette ™. Certified etiquette consultant

Author & freelance writer;

Master of storyteller with a business & human resources management background.

My mission is to help you design a better version of yourself.

Sheila Guilloux

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1st Serv Business Etiquette.


I have more than 20 years of experience in the field of protocol, good manners, appropriate behaviors, and etiquette, including my position as a protocol officer at the presidential palace of Haiti, serving the first family.

Certified Etiquette Consultant

“Let me help you design a better version of yourself”

— Sheila Guilloux

Professional Conduct & Etiquette

I will help you with your confidence, your communication and your grooming.

At 1st Serv Business etiquette, we are here to bring you excellence.


Daphnee Lagredelle

Sheilla Guilloux did an amazing job at our Business Brunch event in New Jersey. She will teach you and empower you on how to be the best version of yourself. Hire her Today!

Jennifer Jean

We had an amazing with Mrs. Guilloux at New Jersey brunch. She explained the importance of etiquette what to wear and not to wear. She was awesome.

Mrs. Felix

This was my first time meeting Mrs. Guilloux at Business Brunch New Jersey with Mrs. Lagredelle. She was very professional; her appearance was elegant and classy and she did explain everything nicely. Thank you!

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